Review: EFT Dongle a Powerful GSM Solution

EFT Dongle Tool is a Multi-Platform Service Tool Developed by EFT Team(Easy Firmware Team). Here are some Useful Features in EFT Dongle Tool.


Android Kitchen > Translate

EFT Dongle has a Unique Feature which is Translate. It can translate Language then add to your phone

EFT Dongle screenshot 1

Android Model > Samsung

This Tab is for Samsung.


One Click Solution for many models for these operations

  • Reset Screen Lock
  • FRP Reset
  • Samsung Account Remove
  • Remove MDM
  • Remove Call me




Flash Combinations or Firmware on Samsung Mobile


Repair, Read and Write EFS, Unlock, Repair IMEI, DM-Verity Repair, Unlock KNOX, Write Cert, NV Data and much more

Make Root

Make Root Kernel or Recovery to Root Samsung Mobiles (Supported Latest Security 2018 on Android 5.x.x 6.x.x 7.x 8.x)

Make Kernel

Make Kernel to bypass KNOX, Reset Screen Lock, Remove Call Me, Enable ADB, Wipe System Data, Remove DM-Verity Error, Bypass DRK Error and Backup Data to SD Card

Make Recovery

Make Recovery to Remove Screen Lock on Encrypted Devices, Make Rooted Recovery, Remove MDM and Disable RMM state.

Unlock BootLoader

Enable Diag and Unlock Bootloader on Some Samsung models

Unbrick Boot/Root

Unbrick Boot on some Models of S7, S7 Edge and Note 8. One Click Root on some of these models.


Extract LZ4 Firmware

EFT Dongle screenshot 2

Android Model > HTC

You can get info, Flash RUU file or single boot.img and recovery.img. You can also send Unlock code.bin or flash sideload zip.

EFT Dongle screenshot 3

Android Model > Huawei

You can Flash, Reset FRP, Reset Factory setting and reset Screen Lock on Huawei smartphones using EFT Dongle.

EFT Dongle screenshot 4

Android Model > MTK

EFT Dongle supports a lot of MTK (Mediatek based) devices. It supports FRP Reset, Factory Reset, Memory Test, Read & Write Flash, Advanced Formatting, Repair IMEI and Dump data & Contacts. It also supports Screen lock reset and a unique feature is Make Root Kernel to root these phones. You can also backup & Restore NVRAM.

EFT Dongle screenshot 5

Android Model > LG

EFT Dongle Supports LG phones Flashing, FRP Reset, Factory Reset, and Screen lock Reset at Limited Support.

EFT Dongle screenshot 6

Android Model > Motorola

It Supports XML Flashing and FRP Reset.

EFT Dongle screenshot 7

Android Model > ASUS

Flashing Asus Smartphones is supported by EFT Dongle.

EFT Dongle screenshot 8

Android Model > Xiaomi

EFT Dongle Supports Flashing through EDL Mode and Fastboot Mode. It supports Removing Mi Account through EDL mode. It also Supports removing Pin, Password, Pattern(Recovery Mode) FRP and Mi Cloud Reset(Fastboot Mode).

EFT Dongle screenshot 9

Android Model > Qualcomm

EFT Dongle Supports Qualcomm based devices on these operations

  • Read & Write XML based file
  • Screen Lock Reset also on Encrypted data
  • Factory Reset
  • Dump Data and Contacts
  • Reset FRP and Mi Account
  • Make Kernel to reset Screen Lock
  • Make Kernel to Make Root

EFT Dongle screenshot 10

Android Model > Fastboot

EFT Dongle Supports these operations on Fastboot mode.

  • FRP Reset & Factory Reset
  • Repair IMEI
  • Unlock Bootloader on VIVO
  • FRP Reset & Factory Reset on Lenovo
  •  Bootloader Unlock and LYF Unlock on LYF

EFT Dongle screenshot 11

Android Model > ADB

These ADB Operations are supported

  • Factory Reset (Method 1, Method 2, Method 3)
  • Reset Screen Lock
  • Reboot to (Recovery, Download Mode, Fastboot Mode, Bootloader, EDL Mode)
  • Xiomi Pattern, Password, Pin Remove

EFT Dongle screenshot 12

Root Explorer

Explorer Rooted phone using this tool.

EFT Dongle screenshot 13

App Manager

EFT Dongle App Manager supports these functions

  • Read & Backup All Apps
  • Screen Reset(side Load)
  • Add and install APK
  • Disable Ads

EFT Dongle screenshot 14

Dump Rom

Dump ROM from Rooted Samsung phone and Save .img files to PC

EFT Dongle screenshot 15

IMG ROM Editor

You can Edit Samsung Rom in this function, add remove data or replace then repack again then flash.

EFT Dongle screenshot 16


Support tab has only one link to EFT Server site to get files free of cost included

  • Samsung Firmware
  • Combinations
  • Boot.img files
  • Recovery Files

EFT Dongle screenshot 17


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