Nokia 6 Ta-1000 Stock Firmware (Flash File) & Flashing Method

Nokia 6 Ta-1000 Stock Firmware (Flash File) & Original Flashing Method Instruction. You can restore original software of your cell phone via your Flash Firmware. Nokia 6 TA-1000 Firmware download links are in this post.

Nokia 6 Ta-1003 firmware Flash File Update 

You feel the Smartphone is Hang on the logo with unnecessary cellphone Company software.You can recover it via a rooting function. When rooting function you can change your stock firmware ROM. But usually, You can delete some mobile company applications or software and free your phone storage and also you can increase your mobile phone storage.You can root your smartphone with pc.

Install Necessary Driver

  • Download Windows ADB and Fastboot Drivers and Install it on Your Computer.
  • Download Fastboot Files & Install it on Your Computer.

Check Firmware Files Version

  • You can Check the Firmware Details->Settings->About->Mobile Version.

Nokia 6 Ta-1000 Firmware Features 

  • Up To Update.
  • Expanded screenshot display issue
  • Google Translate stutters System
  • Wi-Fi occasional drops update
  • System stability improvements very high
  • Camera effect and stability enhancements working well
  • Effects of auto-brightness adjustment well.
  • WiFi Connectivity improved.
  • Improvements for Voice Calling system.
  • Video Recording now uses less take battery.
  • Vibration intensity when receiving calls.
  • Fixed WiFi signal consistently.
  • Fixed certain applications not able to work in IPv6 network settings.
  • To restore connectivity to a Windows 10 Computer, Please turn off USB Debugging drivers prior to the update.


  • Check Your Device Mobile Model No.
  • Battery % Above 80.
  • Backup Your Phone data.
  • Nokia 6 ta-1000.

Instructions to restore original software on TA-1000

  • Download official Firmware Flash File for TA-1000 (build 00CN-3-31A_SP) in nb0 format…………..Download Link
  • Download OST LA v6.0.4……..Download Link
  • Download patch file……………..Download Link
  • Unpack file OST LA with WinRar and install on your Computer
  • Unpack file patch (password 123)
  • Replace .exe file OnlineUpdateTool with .exe file Online Update Tool extracted from the patch and delete Online Update Tool.exe. Config in a folder C:\Program Files (x86) \ OST LA (see pic .1 and pic .2)

Nokia 6 Ta-1000 Stock Firmware (Flash File) & Flashing Method

  • Unpack file software with WinRar
  • Start patched OST LA from the above-mentioned folder by double left-click on .exe file indicated on pic2 is here.

Nokia 6 Ta-1000 Stock Firmware (Flash File) & Flashing Method

  •  If everything is alright the program will run without requesting login and password to hook up to a server.
  • Select the original software.

Nokia 6 Ta-1000 Stock Firmware (Flash File) & Flashing Method

  • Enter your Nokia 6 ta-1000 into Download mode connected to USB DATA cable to your Computer.
  • After your Mobile enter into Download mode, the button icon  Edit Phone Information will be available Soon. Press that button and wait for an error (something like failed to reboot to FTM mode) being appeared.Don’t be so tragical about it.Push OK and see the button icon Next should be activated…
  • After button, Next become active mode, press on it and have an eye on the flashing process.
  • The flashing process takes approximately some second.
  • Your Mobile will reboot and Complete Ok

NOTE! -> After your Mobile having been flashed you’ll get the software TA-1000, build 00CN_3_31A_SP and then it’ll get OTA update twice to TA-1000, build 00CN_3_31D, September 1, 2017 security update. 2). After hard reset Google Play and all G apps will be deleted.

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