Infinity Dongle: A Chinese Flashing Tool Box Download Latest CM2MTK , CM2QLM, CM2SPD, CM2SCR, CM2RKT, AST, PDT

Infinity Dongle/Infinity Box

-> Infinity Dongle is supported by very experienced programmers working in this field for more than fifteen years. Furthermore, with a very strong financial backing, we have heavily invested to make the best use of current technology. Infinity is Considered the best tool for all Chinese phones for flashing, unlocking and repairing IMEI, BT Address or WiFi. CM2MTK, CM2SPD, CM2SCR, CM2RKT, LGS, CM2QLM, CM2RDA Serve to do it work for Mediatek Devices such as QMobile, Huawei, Lenovo, Rivo, Lava, Micromax and many others. AST(Android Service Tool) is Feature tool offered by Infinity Team.

-> To ensure your investment is secure we have used the best technology to protect our software. Smart-Card protection with the online firmware upgrade.

-> Smart-Card based protection system was developed by leading developers.


What are Main Tools Available for Infinity-Box or Dongle?

  • CM2MTK (MTK Module)
  • CM2SPD (SPD(Spredtrum) Module)
  • CM2SCR (SPD/RDA Based Tool)
  • CM2RKT (RockChip Based Tool)
  • LGS (LG Service Module)
  • CM2QLM (Qualcomm Based Tool)
  • CM2RDA (Coolsand / RDA Module)
  • AST (Android Service Tool)
  • PDT (Platform Detector Tool)

Infinity CM2MTK Mediatek Tool v1.58

Infinity CM2MTK Module is used to Service all MTK FP and SP Models including range FP MTK62A …to MTK6261, MTK6255 to MTK6276 NOR | NAND and SP MTK2601, MTK6571…MTK6595, MTK6732…MTK6797, MTK81|83|87xx NAND |eMMC. Supported Nokia 3 Secure MTK Flashing, FRP Bypass, Repair.

Infinity CM2QLM Qualcomm Tool v1.16

Qualcomm Tool CM2QLM is the best tool for Qualcomm based phones. CM2QLM is a tool to flash\repair\FRP Bypass for Qualcomm Based phones.

Infinity CM2SPD Spreadtrum Tool v1.27

CM2SPD is a tool used to flash and repair all Chinese SPD(Spreadtrum) Devices.

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How to Download?

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