How to Register your Blocked phone with PTA

How to Unblock Blocked phone by the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). This is an easy and comprehensive guide about “How to Register/Complaint Blocked Phone in Pakistan”

According to PTA, there are about 3 Million non-custom paid and smuggled phones in Pakistan including smartphones and feature phones. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority planned to Ban those phones in Pakistan to increase Tax Pay Schedule.

PTA Planned to Block Non-Complained/Non-Registered in several phases. The deadline was announced by PTA (5th January 2019) are blocked in Non-complaint case

What Is DIRBS?

DIRBS mean Device Identification Registration and Blocking System. DIRBS was introduced to help to block all smuggled and unregistered phones including Smartphones, Feature phones, Tablets and other GSM Devices Like Wingle and Dongle. DIRBS is also used to Register phones which a person brings with him from other countries. PTA Offers that Person 60 Days to Register such Device with Passport(Free) or to Pay Tax after that.

How to Register a Device Using DIRBS

You can Check Your Device Status whether it is Complaint/Registered or Non-Complaint/Non-Registered at this address

If you want to Register your Non-Complaint Device follow these Steps

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Method 1 (Register using DIRBS Website)

Step 1: Create a Google Account or Skip this step if you already have an account

Step 2: go to this and signup with your original Details including Full name, Number, CNIC, City and with Google Account created in step 1

Step 3: After Completing Signup Process goto your Gmail Inbox and check a Mail from PTA and click on the Verification link.

Step 4: Now go to this and enter email and Password to Sign in

Step 5: Click on a Green Button with the text “Click Here to Register Your Device

Step 6: Select User Type :* as Mobile Registration Local and Enter Contact Number and Select Single SIMDual SIMTriple SIMFour SIM as by Phone’s type.

Step 7: Dial *#06# on your device to get IMEI. Enter these IMEI‘s in IMEI Field and click on submit.

Step 8: You will get an OTP Code on your number submitted at step 2 enter it and again click on Submit.

Step 9: You can See PSID, Amount (to Pay), Phone Model, etc. You can pay this amount at given PSID Number at any Bank, or with mobicash also

How to Pay FBR Tax via Mobicash

Dial *786*5# then reply with 99 and then 17 then enter PSID Number and next enter your PIN CODE. See Below Command


Method 2 (Register using *8484#)

  • Dial *8484# reply with 1. Again Reply with 1 and next reply with 3
  • Now Enter CNIC-NUMBER and ok
  • Now Select Single IMEI, Double IMEI or Triple IMEI
  • Enter IMEI Number
  • Write 1 to Confirm


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