Download OPPO A3s CPH1803 Tested Dump + ISP Pinout

How to repair dead phone oppo a3s Bring back to life from 9008 Port. Oppo A3s Hang on Logo Fix File. oppo a3s hang on logo ufi. Dead boot repair Cph1803 using Easy Jtag Plus or UFI Box using this File. Fix Baseband Unknown and Repair IMEI Null.

With the new security of OPPO Phones their is nearly impossible to unlock OPPO Screen Lock without opening the phone. Some Devices supports some Models by Test Point to unlock Screen lock for Oppo phones but can also lead phone to Completely Bricked. In Such case we a Dead boot Repair and a Special Repairing Skills to bring that phone to life.

Here is a tested Dump File for OPPO A3s CPH1803 (Only) and you can flash this dump using Easy Jtag Plus or UFI Box.

Select ROM1 bin File as Userdata Part and ROM2 for BOOT2 and ROM3 for Boot3.

ISP Pinout for CPH1803

Download Dump File for OPPO A3S CPH1803

This file is 1GiB Dump File with Extcsd file. Backup Security Partitions, Factory Format EMMC then write this dump your phone will be alive. Here is Download Link for Cph1803 dump file.



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