Commando COM1313 Flash File SC6533G Free Download

Download Commando COM1313 Flash File SC6533G. Commando COM1313 Dead Mobile solution. SC6533G_4MiB_6533_KC3309_qvga_V01_1212_2017-12-12_101419 file free to download.

How to Flash Commando COM1313 Flash File

You can use any professional tool to flash this firmware link Infinity CM2SCR Miracle Box etc

If You have infinity CM2SCR then read these easy steps

  • install required SPD RDA Drivers and CM2SCR Tool.
  • open CM2SCR Tool and click Flash Tab
  • From Flash Tab click on Select and select .ilod file and then click on Flash Button.
  • Power off the phone and then Press and Hold 0 Key(Zero button) and Insert USB Cable until phone detected.
  • Wait until flashing complete
  • You are done 🙂


Please, Backup all data Before Flashing. This File is tested by HOWUNLOCK.COM on Commando COM1313 which works fine on this Model Version. The battery should be Charged more than 60%.

Do This on your own risk. We are not responsible for Any Damage or data loss. Downloading this file you must have to agree with our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. Please have a look at our Terms of  Use.


This file is from a working phone. This File is 100% Free and tested on Commando COM1313 . No need to enter any password for this file.


Commando COM1313 Flash File screenshot
Log from infinity CM2SCR


Operation : Read Flash [ v1.02 ]

—– > Powered On :
1. Power On device
2. Connect USB cable
3. When device show StorageMode : Press ‘0’ button for a 5 second!
—– > Powered Off :
1. Insert USB cable
2. Wait when device show Charge icon
3. When device show StorageMode : Press ‘0’ button for a 5 second!

Wait for device …

Device Connected!
BOOT_PWR0 : 0x00600000
BOOT_INIT : 0x81C0024C
BOOT_INTV : 6533G-FPTRUNK-W16.44.2
InternalVersion: g8bec5c4c
Setting BOOTROM mode
Boot_CPU : 0x08090007 : [SPREADTRUM] : SC6533G
MEMD for flsh_spi32m Branch: none
Boot_CS0 : 0x00000000 : SPI : [SPIDEF] : 25Q32 : 0x00400000 [ 4MiB ] Performing MemoryInit
Selecting RL
Sending RL
Config : MemoryInit
Config : Loader
Boot IV : 0xFBA2A250
Boot done!

Read done, 0x00400000

Verify FlashContent
MCU verified
CAL verified
FAC verified

Device Info Details :
[0] : 6533_KC3309_qvga
[1] : 8809
[2] : 8809e2
[3] : CT8851C
[4] : pasw_rda6625
[5] : flsh_spi32m
[6] : gc9306/nv3029h/st7789v
[7] : bf3a01_jyj_h1_baili
[8] : rdabt_8809
[9] : rdafm_8809e
[10] : release
[11] : 2017-12-12_10:14:19
[12] : V01_1212

Saved to : C:\Users\H2five\Desktop\commando com 1313 backup\
Saved as : SC6533G_4MiB_6533_KC3309_qvga_V01_1212_2017-12-12_101419.ilod

Elapsed: 00:01:06

Reconnect Power/Cable!

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