Best Box/Dongle/Service for Unlocking Samsung 2019

We will discuss here about the best unlocking box for samsung phones of 2019. we will review about top trending Unlocking Box, Unlocking Dongles and Unlocking service from Wolrd’s Top service Providers including, Chimera Tool, Z3x Box, Samkey and Octoplus.

Term “Unlocking can be Network Unlocking, FRP Unlocking, Pattern/Password/Pin Unlocking and RMM Unlocking. We will disscuss about here all of these and which Box or service is best to support all these features with best Price.

Chimera Tool

Chimera Tool is offered with 3 Packages Chimera START, Chimera PRO and Chimera PREMIUM with same Supported devices but different Validity Time.

Chimera Samsung

Chimera best Offers Chimera Samsung which is only for Samsung Devices and offers in 69.9 Euro or 77.70 USD with 1 Year Validity Subcription with Unlimited Unlocking. It also Supports Read Codes Offline/Online. Regular and powerful Updates. support Forum and support Files.

You can search here for your Samsung model for supported Functions in Chimera Tool

Chimera Samsung is Powerful tools which supports about 1920+ models for Unlocking. ChimeraTool Offers Online Unlocking on Credit Based This Tool is Awarded for the best Tool of 2019 for Samsung unlocking.

Z3x Samsung Tool Pro

Z3x Team Update their Tool to support Many of the new Models including many new Samsung models. Samsung Tool Pro v37 was the Major Update by their team.

If We Compare Price with Chimera Tool then we Can Say Samsung Tool Pro is based on One-Time Purchase and then unlimited Unlocking, Flashing, and Repairing. Samsung Tool Pro also Offers Online Unlocking on Credit Based. It also Supports Read Codes Offline/Online. Best team in support. Unlimited Updates. Support Files (Firmware, Combinations).

Check your Model


Samkey Unlocks every samsung phone without touching data and it is totaly on credit based. you need to click single button to Network Unlock it doesnot provide FRP unlocking, Pin Pattern Unlocking. It supports only Network Unlocking. You can Choose best Plan for Your needs.


Octoplus Box Samsung

Octoplus team is also one of the best team in the world. Their Octoplus Samsung Tool offers many old and new brands and most of them are by credits. It Supports Flashing, Unlocking, FRP unlocking and a support forum.

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